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History and acknowledgements

Australian Options was launched in 1994 on the basis of positive responses to letters sent out by a group of Adelaide people who felt the need for an open discussion journal of the left. Many people gave support in various ways: donations; sponsorship; promotion; writing articles. All took out a year's subscription to the journal, sight unseen. We also extend our thanks to people who have since become involved.


Australian Options is published by a registered association known as Australian Options Publishing Inc. All subscribers are automatically entitled to membership and can be actively involved in producing the journal. The Editorial Committee discusses and decides the content of Australian Options. The annual general meeting elects members of the Management Committee and determines policy issues.

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Management Committee

Adrian Shackley (Chairperson), Frank Barbaro, Glenn Giles (Secretary/Treasurer), Howard Guille, Don Jarrett, Sue Jervis, David Faber, Ian Steel

Editorial Committee

Brian Aarons, Howard Guille, Prof. Frank Stilwell, Leonie Short

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