Europe Has a Different Future

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Europe Has a Different Future

A Europe of solidarity can only be constructed from below, with the movements and citizens' initiatives, trade unions, social associations, and left parties coordinating their work. Local resistance is important; we have to set more in motion. In this, internationalism and transnational solidarity must be a given for left parties, trade unions, and all progressive forces and be translated into concepts and practical politics.

Left parties can become bearers of Europe-wide campaigns whose goal is to struggle against positions that see the essential contradiction as lying in the enmity between nations and peoples, and make clear  that the contradiction instead is between above and below. The opportunities are perhaps better than we think when we are mesmerised by the rise of right-wing parties. SYRIZA, Izquierda Unida, the Italian "Tsipras List", and the many activists participating in the first European general strike of 2012, the huge social mobilisation and networks of solidarity in the European South etc. – maybe there soon will be a left spectre again that haunts Europe.

Bernd Riexinger is Co-Chair of DIE LINKE. This is an edited extract of his contribution to the 19th International Rosa Luxemburg Conference on 11 January 2014.

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