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June 12, 2015 |

Editorial Issue No 80 Renewing Australia’s politics

Renewing Australia’s politics   The neoliberal pipedream of a Free Market Nirvana is in trouble, even on its own terms. The unfettered free market does not deliver social justice or ecological sustainability – but then it was never supposed to. The neoliberal project was fundamentally about reducing the space for politics – making ‘dollar votes’ [...]

February 2, 2015 |

Editorial Issue 79 – The state in the states

The State in the States   An ALP Government was elected in Victoria in November 2013. Elections are due in NSW and Queensland in early 2014. The result in Victoria, where a first-term Coalition Government was replaced, has alarmed the Federal Abbott Government and raised Labor hopes. Change of government seems unlikely in either NSW [...]

November 26, 2014 |

A Question of Political Will

A Question of Political Will Jenny McAllister In 2006, Sheri Berman put the case that “the ideology that triumphed in the twentieth century was not liberalism… it was social democracy.” As the Abbott Government commences a full scale assault on the social democratic institutions which have defined Australian national life, Berman’s bullish assessment provokes the [...]

November 1, 2014 |

Editorial Issue 78 The unseemly rush to a war without end

The unseemly rush to a war without end   Once again, we rush to war in the wake of a Great Power – all too early, too easy, too eager, too unheeding of the lessons of previous interventions in the Middle East.   The irony is seemingly lost on Tony Abbott and his ministers that [...]

August 23, 2014 |

Editorial Issue 77 The 2014 Budget; how to be cruel to be unkind

The first budget of the Abbott-led Coalition will be remembered for its politics and not its economics. Despite very loud rhetoric about debt and deficit, the macroeconomic settings left by Labor are little changed. The last Swan budget of 2013 forecast a budget deficit of A$18 billion in 2013-14, moving to a surplus in 2015-16. [...]

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